DBT Bihar agriculture portal registration guide

The Bihar Agricultural Portal, a leading online portal for agricultural commodities trading, provides easy access to information about various aspects of agricultural production and marketing in this state. Through this portal you can obtain information about the latest news and features on various agricultural commodities such as vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes, and dairy products. Through this portal, you can also gain knowledge about the tariff structures of different states, the prices of agricultural produce, and various other farm related information. By accessing the information on agricultural commodities through the Bihar Agricultural Portal, you can make a better decision regarding investment in agricultural production and farming in this state.

Agriculture is the primary industry of Bihar and is the main source of revenue generation for the state. Through the portal you can obtain information on timely market price updates. You can also gain knowledge on various farm related issues and learn about timely technological issues that affect agriculture. Through the portal you can get detailed information on timely legislation changes and new laws applicable to agriculture in Bihar.

Through this portal you can access the latest reports and publications on agriculture. As you browse through the pages of the portal, you can find an agriculture newsletter, free advice on agriculture, and the latest industry news. This free service provided by the Bihar Agriculture Portal enables users to gain in depth information on agriculture sectors and the commodity sectors. You can also view the profiles of farmers and other individuals who are involved in agriculture-related activities.

To facilitate registration, you need to log in at the portal and follow the instructions. The portal registration guide provides easy tips on how to register at the portal and gain maximum benefits. There are banners at the top of every page which provide information on types of registrations, rates and other details pertaining to registration. Once you have registered at the portal, you can access the portal and start browsing the profiles of farmers and individuals who are involved in agricultural activities. The portal also offers a comprehensive list of related farm products, details about auctions, latest news and events, and premium crops.

Farm products are the main source of livelihood in agriculture sector of Bihar. Most of the villagers depend on the farm production for their survival. To cater to the needs of the people, there is a huge demand for food products like pulses, cereals, lentils, fruits, vegetables, meat and oil. These farm products are processed in an eco-friendly way using modern techniques and technologies. As per the latest statistical data, agriculture produces more than the demand. With almost 25% of the total population of Bihar living in the rural areas, there is an intense growth potential in agriculture.

The DBT Bihar agriculture portal registration guide has enhanced the functioning of the overall agricultural sector. It has made the process of registration much faster by providing all the required information at one place. Farmers can post their advertisements seeking farmhands, farm produce and help to those who are in need of work. Through this portal they can get all the required information, which will help them to flourish in their field.