Pet urine stain removal is a common problem for pets owners. When you notice that your pet has left its mark on your furniture or walls, you immediately want to take them to the vet and get some kind of medication for their problem. But before you rush off to the nearest animal clinic or pet shop to pick up some over-the-counter remedy, why don’t you try first removing the stain with natural remedies? Pet urine stain removal is pretty simple actually. You can try these tips to remove pet urine stains:

pet urine stain removal

Use lemon juice to remove pet urine stain. The best thing you can do is to simply squeeze out the juice from the lemon half glass of water and apply it onto the stained area. Let the solution sit for about 15 minutes and rinse it with clean water. Repeat the procedure until you are sure that the area is clean and the smell has already been eliminated. Do not use soap as this could only aggravate the problem. After using lemon juice for a couple of times, you can be sure that you will have solved your pet urine stain removal problem.

Put some baking soda into a bowl and mix it with a teaspoon of bleach. You can start to spray the solution on the area where you found the pet urine stain. However, make sure that you do not put too much bleach as it might ruin your furniture or flooring. Just use a sufficient amount of bleach to eliminate the urine stain. Just make sure that you leave the area dry after you are done cleaning it.

Another effective way of pet urine stain removal is by using vinegar. You need to mix one part vinegar with two parts water. The resulting mixture can then be sprayed on the area to be treated. Repeat the same process as stated above until you are sure that the smell has already been eliminated. Just make sure that you let the area dry before you go to bed.

Some pet owners also use ammonia or bleach to remove their pet’s urine stains. This method is said to work because both substances are known to break down the protein found in the urine of animals. Once these substances are able to break down the protein in the urine of your pets, you can just use detergent and water to clean the area. Repeat the same process as mentioned above for pet urine stain removal.

Last but not least, you can try using a homemade remedy for pet urine removal which involves using apple cider vinegar. All you have to do is mix a tablespoon of vinegar with a glass of water and then soak your pet’s urine stained area in it for about an hour. Then rinse the area with clean water and you will finally be able to enjoy your nice-smelling, fresh-tasting cup of apple cider vinegar.