Backyard Boxes is containers specifically designed to grow a variety of plants in harmony together. They are great for small spaces and can also be used as planters or urns for flowers and small plants. These containers are raised above ground and do not have the disadvantage of roots competing with the plants for nutrients and water. Backyard boxes can be used as summerhouses, awnings, potting sheds, art studios, greenhouses or just a place to grow plants that you would not normally get room for in your outdoor gardens. There are various models available and all are inexpensive to buy.

Raised bed gardening allows gardeners to manage the soil and the space in their gardens. Raised bed gardens comes in an assortment of sizes from two x 2 inch boxes to the large 8 x10 inch and 10 x20 inch models. You can grow most any type of vegetable you would like to grow including peppers, cucumbers, melons, squash, onions, beans, peas and many more. These are especially good for those who have a lot of plants to tend to, or for those who live in very small lots.

Most Backyard Boxes is made of plastic and is easy to maintain. There is no need for soil and they can usually be left in the same condition for many years. Plants can be layered, and there are hundreds of plants you can grow in one small box. Some Backyard Boxes is larger and can support a much larger range of plants. These Backyard Boxes will also have plenty of room for the pots and have the benefit of pots that have been securely placed into the metal slots on the Backyard Boxes base.

The Backyard Boxes design has a double walled design to make sure your plants are well supported. This will also protect them from extreme temperatures. The sturdy metal legs are sturdy and help to keep the Backyard Boxes upright. The design of the Backyard Boxes ensures that rainwater will run off the sides of the box into a pan that drains down to the drainage zone of your garden. Your plants will remain dry and be protected from extreme weather conditions.

Backyard Boxes also comes with adjustable dividers that allow you to place pots wherever you need them. Many also come with matching drainage pans, to ensure that your garden will drain properly. If raised beds are used, the Backyard Box can easily be placed under the raised beds. These Backyard Boxes is also great for potting your seeds, fertilizing your plants, and for moving plants around the garden. You can use these pots to store seedlings when you are not using them and then store them in your garden until you are ready to plant them. Backyard Boxes also come with safety locking handles, to make it safe for children to open.

Backyard Boxes can also be placed on tables. They have a number of different uses, depending on how you use them. This type of garden furniture is also extremely popular in apartments and other small gardens. If you have an apartment, or small garden space, this may be all you need. However, if you need to entertain guests, or even work on your laptop, you will find that having a raised platform to work at is convenient, and comfortable. With a Backyard Box, your garden will look much more attractive and organized.