A laptop sleeve, sometimes called a laptop bag or case, is usually a slim sleeve/bag/pad made of a flexible material like leather or neoprene, which is slightly bigger than the laptop itself, and designed specifically to cover the entire laptop to safeguard it from scratches, bumps, water and other environmental damage. These products are useful for the student and occasional laptop user, as they can be taken on trips to places where a laptop will not be convenient, but will still be useful for storing. They are also useful for frequent travelers who want to carry around their laptop without having to take and carry it around with them all the time.

Laptop bags come in several different sizes with a variety of different options to choose from. Some models can even be purchased with a shoulder strap which makes it easier to carry, along one shoulder if necessary. There are some simple, basic models that simply have a strap that goes across the back of the laptop sleeve with one handle on each side.

Laptop sleeves with shoulder straps have handles on both sides, allowing the user to take both legs in the saddle. The basic type of sleeve has two straps/handles, with one on each side. Other styles have handles on only one side while the other is a full laptop case with two straps/handles and a zipper at the top.

Laptop bags generally have a zipper at the top. The zipper goes all the way from the top of the sleeve to the bottom of the laptop case. Many have a single zipper, while others have two – one on each side. The zipper may have an inner zipper pocket, an outer pocket with a number of zippers, or no zipper at all. The most expensive models can have three zippers all the way from the top of the sleeve to the bottom of the laptop case.

Some of the more popular laptop sleeve designs are those that have a solid leather color. This gives a sleek, classy look, while still allowing the straps to move. Many have straps/levers that are made of strong, flexible material that can move with the motion of the user’s arms. One design even has two little pockets along one of the straps. These pockets can store items such as writing pads, pens, business cards, etc. The zipper in the bag may also have an inner pocket that can hold the power cord or other wires/cables that are needed for charging the laptop.

Laptop sleeves come in many different materials used to make them. Some of these include nylon, vinyl, cotton and others. Nylon is probably one of the strongest, but also the most expensive material used to make a sleeve. A vinyl sleeve can provide a little more flexibility, but is usually not as durable as the other types. Cotton and leather laptop sleeves are generally more durable and offer a nice comfortable feel.